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    Amazing bike

    I received the bike and was impressed with the ease of set up and the quality seems terrific. It is a blast to ride. My first ride was a quick 15 km and my knees which are shot felt great. I should have bought the bike sooner.

    Gosen G5
    Gaétan Therrien

    I bought two bikes , one green and one gray. It take's 30 minutes to get unwrap and fully mounted. A Little bit of air in the tires and we were ready to go. Out of the box the battery was almost ¾ full so we anjoy our bikes right away. I have no complain at all, everything run perfectly. And the Tork of the assist is very powerfull. For the Price you cant go wrong. Now my wife love's bicycling.

    Gosen A6 -- Pre Order
    Ghislain Blais

    Good bike

    Gosen Q7

    Still charging, my husband will love this.

    Gosen Q3 Plus
    Gaétan Grignon
    Fantastic folding fat bike

    In Québec, especially in the beginning of spring, roads are not always in good shape, and my wife feels safe. I even tried it in the snow and off roads. They fold so well theat I fit 2 in my model 3 Tesla.

    Gosen S5 - Pre-order
    Diane Lambert
    Super contente

    Je viens de recevoir mon vélo très beau
    Il est arrivé très bien emballé, facile à monter
    Plusieurs heures de ballade de prévues

    Gosen Q3 Plus
    Guest Customer
    Nice ride!

    I was hesitant to trust this bike and Very nervous about the purchase at first. But so far I really like this bike. It runs good, it's sturdy, it has good specs and it's a beautiful looking bike. It is heavy of course. I am 5' 6' and it's not bad but a little taller because the seat suspension. I probably should have thought about this more before going with a seat suspension style instead of a bottom rear suspension style. So because of this I can't put the seat all the way down giving my height more comfortability. But like I said over all it's a damn good fun bike.

    Gosen Q3 Plus
    Denis Mayer
    Good bike, good motor..... one problem

    I like the ride. Of course it's a little heavy, but motor is powerful and battery is strong. Unfortunately I have a problem with the chain. One mesh is defective and the chain makes the derailleur jolt everytime it passes through. Not to sure what to do about it. Except for that, the bike is stable, comfortable and solid. I like it.

    Gosen Q5 Plus
    Veronique Boucher
    Never received my order

    Still not ship after 2 weeks

    Our colleagues have already arranged the shipment for you.
    The package was shipped using UPS and the tracking number is: 1Z840YV52050683623.
    The logistics company is already in transit, but has not updated the logistics information in time.
    If there is any new information, we will inform you at the first time.
    Sorry to keep you waiting!

    Gosen Q7
    Mathieu Saint-Georges
    Ease of assembly: No assembly !

    This bike is truly exceptional.

    As a first contact, the assembly: It is already assembled! All that remains is to unfold it.

    I had concerns about the rigidity of the frame but I was quickly reassured. The bike is very stiff and the frame very strong.

    I am reassured by the quality of manufacture.

    I will come back to write my impressions of its handling.

    Stay safe


    Très satisfait de cet achat !
    Le service client répond toujours rapidement !👍

    Gosen A8

    Thank you for sharing!

    Amazing E-bike

    This bike was packaged so carefully to prevent any issues during shipping! Very easy to put together, exceeded my expectations of the whole bike, was so much better than I thought. Perfect e-bike for my needs. I would buy another one!!!

    Gosen Q5
    Roy Denis
    WoW,toute un vélo!

    Des pièces de qualité,belle finition et des pneus d’enfer.
    Quel beau vélo électrique.
    Puissant et confortable.
    Bonne communication avec le service Gosen.
    Expérience d’achat A1
    Je le recommande avec enthousiasme.

    Merci de votre confiance et de votre soutien !

    Bike is Working Well

    I bought two Gosen A8 bikes for my wife and myself. They arrived in 2 days and were well packaged. The assembly was quite easy. Since it's winter here, we've driven both bikes just a few times to try them out and check for defects. So far, nothing major. The gears on one bike required adjustment and every nut and bolt needed to be checked because many were not tight. My biggest complaint is the lack of a comprehensive owners manual covering the numerous programming parameters for the digital readout and personal settings. There are YouTube videos available from various people but nothing from the company so you can't be sure the information you are being told is accurate for this bike. Looking forward to many years of use.

    Your pictures are so good!
    Thank you for your trust and support!

    Gosen S5 - Pre-order
    David Tomblin
    Surprisingly good performer

    I was reluctant to buy this bike without test riding it. I am 250lb and 6'3". I was worried about the hill climbing capabilities. Yesterday, I received the bike (sooner than expected) and pulled it out of the box. I immediately put the battery on charge. I had it unpacked and assembled in minutes then impatiently waited for the charger light to turn green. When I couldn't wait any longer my dog and I took it for a spin in the woods behind our house. It handled the mud and hills with ease. I later drove out to some bigger trails with some bigger hills. No problem pulling my big butt up the steepest of hills. One I have not been able to pedal up for a couple of years. I'm 66y/o. Great bike.


    Amazing performance and great quality. Quick delivery. Perfect for Canada winter.

    Gosen S5 - Pre-order
    Sylvain Buckingham
    Amazing little bike for big boy

    I bought this bike S5 and I don't regret my choice, this bike exed my expectations, the power is juste amazing , now my job is to convince my lady to by another one for her, great consumer services,

    Q5/Q5Plus Battery
    Marco Michelacci
    Q5 Battery

    I bought 2 replacement batteries. The shipment for these batteries took longer than I hoped but when they arrived, they were both what I expected. I tried them both just yesterday and they seem to be just fine.

    Gosen Q5 shock seatposts
    Marco Michelacci
    Gosen Q5 shock seatposts

    This seatpost really improved my the ride on my Q5. These are worth buying.


    Having a lot of fun with the bike and would recommend it.

    Gosen Q5 Plus
    Très satisfaite

    Livraison très rapide (3 jours). Reçu en bon état. Facile d'assemblage. La batterie dure quand même assez longtemps. Toutefois, le vélo est un peu grand pour une personne de 5 pieds comme moi. La construction semble bien faite et solide et donne l'impression de sécurité. Je recommande l'achat de ce vélo.

    Gosen Q7
    Richard A.
    La qualité !

    J'aime vraiment ce vélo ! La double batterie soulage le stress lorsque je suis loin de la maison ! Je roule sur la plus grande batterie et lorsqu'elle n'a plus de jus, il suffit d'appuyer sur l'interrupteur pour que la petite batterie me fournisse toute sa puissance. C'est comme avoir un réservoir de carburant supplémentaire pour me ramener à la maison.
    Ce vélo est comme un tank ! Même les ailes sont fixées au cadre par 3 points et ne font pas de bruit. Les freins sont excellents, bien que les miens aient dû être purgés. Ce n'est pas grave. Les feux sont brillants et le feu arrière est un excellent élément. Le porte-vélo se monte très bien, mieux qu'un pare-chocs de voiture ...... haha.
    Quelques inconvénients, le vélo est lourd. Je mesure 6'3" et le siège est actuellement aussi bas que possible. Ce n'est probablement pas le meilleur vélo pour les personnes de petite taille.
    En somme, le meilleur vélo que j'ai jamais possédé ! Et la portée de l'annonce, c'est proche de la précision. Un peu moins pour moi, car je pèse 225 livres et je conduis souvent à la vitesse maximale.
    Il n'y a pas d'incitation à fournir cet avis.

    Gosen Q5 Plus
    Jean-Pierre Dorion
    Très satisfait de mon achat

    J'ai acheté mon vélo Gosen Q5+ il y a quelques semaines et après l'avoir essayé sur plusieurs types de pistes j'ai agréablement été surpris des qualité de ce vélo. La solidité et le rapport qualité/prix sont excellents. Toutefois comme tous les moteurs-roue, celui-ci n'est pas connecté à une transmission et accuse une perte de puissance lorsqu'on monte une pente très inclinée, ce qui est normal pour un tel genre de moteur. Son format compact me permet de transporter deux vélos semblables dans mon Honda HR-V !
    Un mot aussi sur l'excellente qualité du service après-vente, j'ai été vraiment satisfait de la façon dont a réglé rapidement une petit défaut sur le support à bagage, merci à l'équipe de soutiens.

    Nous continuerons à nous efforcer de vous fournir un service encore meilleur. Merci ! ❤

    Gosen Q5 Plus
    Ben Doan
    Recommend Purchase

    I got the Q5 Plus version for the 15AH battery. High quality made. Heavier than expected. I am 5 feet 8 inches tall and it is a perfect size for me. If you are shorter than me, I think the bike would be a bit too big for you. . As for the range, it seems like the bike can do at least 30 miles in pure electric mode and still have two bars left. However, I always charge the bike when it has two bars out of five bars left so I never know what is it’s true range in pure electric mode.

    The recommended tire pressure is printed on the side of the tire. It is best not to exceed the recommended tire pressure by 30PSI, and the tire pressure is best stabilized at 25-30PSI.

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