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    Gosen Q7 - 20
    Gosen Q7 - 20
    Gosen Q7 - 20
    Gosen Q7 - 20
    Gosen Q7 - 20
    Gosen Q7 - 20
    Gosen Q7 - 20
    Gosen Q7 - 20
    Gosen Q7 - 20
    Gosen Q7 - 20
    Gosen Q7 - 20

    Gosen Q7

    Dual Battery Folding Fat Tire Ebike | 1000W 31Ah


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    Saddle Bag


    1 Year Warranty

    14-Day Return

    Free Shipping

    48V 18Ah+13Ah


    Up to 100 Miles

    Max Range


    Geared Hub Motor


    Legally required in Canada

    Go further with Dual Batteries

    Experience the ultimate Riding with the Dual Battery E-Bike today
    and start exploring the world around you like never before!

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    1000W Hub Brushless Motor

    Upgrade your e-bike with our powerful 1000W brushless motor. Advanced technology and durable construction provide easy conquest of any terrain.


    Motor Power

    95 Nm

    Max Motor Torque

    Removable high-capacity battery

    The 48V 18ah+13ah dual battery design enables you to achieve adventures of up to 100 miles.

    55-100 Miles

    Per Charge

    864Wh + 624Wh

    Total Battery Capacity

    7 hours

    Time Until Fully Charge

    600 charge cycles


    Four-link Suspension

    The four-link suspension design provides superior suspension, stability and control for a smoother, more comfortable ride.

    Multi-functional LCD display

    The multi-function LCD display shows the battery level, speed and distance, allowing precise control of the pedal assist level.

    Product Details

    Shimano 7 speed gear shift system

    Shimano 7-speed cassette shifter and throttle-type gears make for a smooth and easy ride. Combine with the pedal-assist in completing your journey at the most suitable speed.

    Dual Hydraulic Brake

    All-new hydraulic disc brakes provide superior stopping power, respond to a lighter touch, and give you more control over your ride. The ergonomic design reduces rider fatigue and can be adjusted to accommodate the size of each rider’s hand.

    Pedal Assist & Battery Switch

    Turn the switch to "F", the front battery is activated; the switch is turned to "R", the seat tube battery is activated.

    20"X4" Fat Tires

    Tread grooves design provides excellent handling and grip with anti-skid function. Multi-layered tires make it safer and protect the tires from punctures.

    Thumb Throttle

    No human power needed with a throttle on demand you can go as you please! But if you are out for some exercise there are five levels of pedal assist there to help you should you want to push yourself right to your limit.

    Super bright headlights

    48V spotlight, allowing riders to ride safely without fear of darkness.

    Shimano Derailleur

    Shimano's 7-speed cassette and throttle shifting make for a smooth and easy ride. Combined with the pedal assist, you can ride at the speed that works best for you.

    Hydraulic Brakes

    Hydraulic brakes provide superior stopping power, responding to light touch and ensuring full stopping power in all weather conditions.

    Battery Switch

    Turn the switch to "F" to activate the front battery. Turn the switch to "R" to activate the seat tube battery.

    20x4" Fat Tires

    Tread groove design provides excellent handling and grip with anti-slip function. Multi-layer tires are safer and better protected from punctures.

    thumb throttle

    Control your acceleration with the thumb throttle. Enjoy 5 levels of pedal assist or even ride without moving your legs!

    Product Details

    Pedal Assist & Battery Switch

    M5 LCD Display

    Thumb Throttle

    Rear Suspension

    Front fork suspension

    Shimano 7 speed
    gear shift system

    Dual Hydraulic Brake

    20"X4" CST Fat Tires

    Easy to assemble 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 28 reviews
    Ronald M.
    Gosen Q7

    This is my second purchase of the Q7, and like the first one it arrived in perfect condition.The Q7 is a very sturdy bike, strong performance, quality parts and gives a beautiful and comfortable riding experience. I am very impressed with the Q7 and the Gosen team. I couldn’t have chosen better. One very happy customer and thank you very much Gosen for the pride and professionalism that you take in your bikes


    I just got the bike today. Overall, the bike is good but the bike came with defects such as the frame had dents, the rear charging compartment was broken, also the front charging port was rusty. That was a huge disappointment for me

    Komalpreet Singh
    Excellent hulk bike

    I will call this bike an hulk…because this bike has infinite battery. I bought this bike 3 months ago and i am using this bike as an uber eats driver and i got the best response from bike. I am really satisfied with its performance. It is very strong e-bike

    Michel Bourgeois

    Very satisfied with this ebike

    Good Bike with Quirks

    After finally receiving my bike yesterday, I carefully inspected it for potential problems or damage. In addition to the scratch on the hub motor, I was upset to find a large paint chip under the stand which I suspect was caused during testing. I also didn't appreciate how the package was handled when being unloaded from the truck. Aside from those complaints, I only needed to adjust the front fender is it was rubbing the tire.

    The bike handles great and the ride is smooth with the provided front, rear, and set suspension, especially compared to the scooter I recently bought and returned. Considering the weight and size, the bike maneuvers quite well. The motor is rated at 1000W, but I'm not sure if this is peak or constant power as I've seen other hubs with a 750W rating. At a weight of just under 100kgs, I managed to achieve a top speed of 48kph using pedal assist. This is more than enough for residential roads.

    It was generous of Gosen to include two battery chargers for those who may need to charge both batteries on a daily basis. Thus far, I've only drained the 13Ah down to two bars after 62kms of travel. Many experienced users don't recommend completely draining the battery.

    My only recommendation for improvement, would be to redesign the fixed stand in order to offer better protection for the seat battery while setting the bike down in a folded position. Perhaps make a longer foldable stand that can be locked while opened and closed. I can't imagine it's healthy for the battery and connector to have the weight of the bike sitting on it, especially on rough surfaces.

    I receive several compliments on the bike from people either looking for a gift for their child or potential ebike owners. Hopefully Gosen will add more replacement parts, such as a Q7 seat battery, to their shop along with improving the website regarding product information.

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